We take your investment on a flight path to attractive returns

In this low-yield environment, investors seek high returns and are attracted by fixed income returns uncorrelated with other asset classes. Yet, despite the benefits of alternative lending assets in helping investors diversify their portfolios, many are still not aware of the risks involved.

Our data-driven approach helps us make informed and better investment decisions. We have the scale capital to negotiate attractive interest rates and a rigorous credit assessment process to provide investors access to an asset class that delivers attractive and sustainable returns.

We have a helicopter view of the alternative lending industry

We specialise in the fast-growing alternative lending space in Asia Pacific. We are in a unique position to select the most attractive investment opportunities for you. Taking a helicopter view of the fragmented alternative lending industry, we have access to 300 partners, which include peer-to-peer lenders and microfinanciers so that you can lend to a full range of creditworthy businesses that can on-lend to 200 million individuals in the region.

By investing in Helicap, you can not only achieve sustainable and diversified returns as an investor but you also get to help millions of people improve their livelihoods by driving financial inclusion and economic development in the region.

  • Diversification across multiple geographies, industries and lending segments
  • Advantageous and well-structured loan agreements that minimise risk to investors
  • Top management team and advisors with demonstrated track record and deep investment expertise
  • Attractive risk-adjusted returns with recurring distributions
  • Improve the livelihood of millions of underserved individuals by increasing their access to financial services
  • Access to top-tier alternative loans through our data-driven platform
Investor (how we work)

How we work in a nutshell

Investor (how we work)


Investors are keen on the alternative lending space, but lack a trusted partner and large established team to gather and analyze fragmented loan data.


Helicap is a proprietary data-driven platform that uses tech to deliver attractive and uncorrelated investment returns for our investors.

Lending Platforms

Despite the huge credit gap, only a small percentage has been filled by current alternative platforms. They have limited access to capital and need a trusted partner to help them scale up.

Our Investment Process

Helicap’s objective is to provide investors with superior and consistent returns through exposure to fixed income investments in the alternative credit space. We are building a diversified portfolio which may comprise of SME, consumer and microfinance loans, directly and indirectly originated by our 300 partners in Asia Pacific.

Initial Meeting

Our Scorecard

Helicap will score originators based on their credit risk, financial risk and operational risk.

  • Credit capabilities
  • Outstanding loan book
  • Non-performing loans
  • Investors
  • Financials
  • Management team analysis
  • Competitive landscape analysis

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