We are your partners in growing your alternative lending business

At Helicap, we work closely with alternative lending partners like yourselves. We recognise that alternative loan originators such as P2P platforms play a critical role in reducing the huge gap in banking penetration in Asia Pacific.

By providing capital when your business needs it the most, we help you free up resources for you to fully focus on growing your origination business and develop the best loan portfolios and lending practices in the market.

Originator Process
Originator Process (vertical)

We help alternative lenders with their financing needs

With unparalleled access to information, Helicap possesses a competitive advantage in guiding partner platforms in scaling their business efficiently and sustainably.

  • Stable and long-term source of funds to drive your growth

  • Efficient due diligence process which reduces time required to access capital

  • We provide strategic expertise, networks and industry knowledge

  • Top management team and advisors with demonstrated track record as well as reputable investors

  • Diversify your funding sources and get a validation of your business model

Our Originator Screening Process

Helicap can provide the best experience possible for originators and borrowers. We find the right partners and seek to build long-term relationships with them.

To date, we have held discussions with over 300 platforms and invested in 8 of the top-performing platforms in the region. Our current platform partners include the top players in Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Our current platform partners include the top partners in Indonesia, Singapore and Cambodia and the Philippines.

Credit Gap ($)
4-5 Bil
300 Mil
100 Mil
30 Mil
10 Mil

Are you an alternative lending loan originator? Partner with us.

We are constantly building stronger networks among alternative lending players in the Asia-Pacific.