Given the current global low-yield environment, investors are looking into new asset classes to complement and diversify their portfolios in the pursuit of risk- adjusted returns. They are also becoming increasingly conscious about the social and economic impact of their investments. At the same time, more than 300 million adults in the Southeast Asia region are currently unbanked or underbanked, greatly limiting their access to financial and credit solutions. This environment creates strong supply and demand dynamics for alternative lending, with the need for rigorous data-driven funding solutions.

In this context, Helicap intends to become the go-to partner for both Accredited Investors and alternative lending platforms in the region, offering its services through two wholly-owned subsidiaries:

Helicap Investments is a Registered Fund Management Company (RFMC) with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”). It manages a diversified portfolio of SME, microfinance, and consumer loans, directly and indirectly originated by 300 partners in Southeast Asia and Australia.

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An online debt marketplace that connects accredited investors with curated issuers of debt, Arcor Capital is a Singapore incorporated company with a Capital Markets Services (CMS) license from the MAS.

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By Investing Through Helicap’s Subsidiaries, Accredited Investors Get Access to:

Diversified alternative lending portfolio

Diversification across multiple geographies, industries, and lending segments

Tech-driven platform designed to promote transparency and minimize risk to investors

Proprietary credit analysis and risk assessment models that can analyze millions of loan data points

Experienced team

Seasoned management team and advisors with demonstrated track record and deep investment expertise

Risk-adjusted returns

FinTech-driven data analytics enable transparent loan pricing and risk-adjusted returns

Impact on financial inclusion

Investments that improve the lives of millions of underserved individuals by enabling vital financial access

By Partnering with Helicap and its Subsidiaries, Alternative Lending Platforms Benefit from:

Access to scalable and responsible debt financing

Investments by Helicap's subsidiaries provide a reliable funding source, allowing originators to focus on perfecting their credit underwriting capabilities and growing their loan volumes

A long-term, specialized partner

We speak the same language as our partner originators, moving fast, and developing their businesses by contributing and sharing industry best practices

Validation of their business model

By providing small to large loan ticket sizes, investments by Helicap's subsidiaries benefit all the originator’s stakeholders and provide transparency along the value chain

Our FinTech and Loan Analytics Capabilities

To date, Helicap has screened over 300 origination partners across Asia Pacific based up to 50 risk parameters covering credit, financial, and operational risk.

Our proprietary credit analysis models allow our subsidiary companies to shortlist borrowers/platforms and build a curated portfolio of SME, consumer, and microfinance loans.